Glow Community Regulations
Glow is committed to offering a harmonious social platform for users around the world. To create a good communication atmosphere and a healthy, civilized and safe online environment together, we set the regulations for all Glow users.
The Glow Community Regulations (“Community Regulations”), which will be updated from time to time, is an important code of creating a safe and friendly environment. If any of the following violations occur, your account and/or Virtual Items will be frozen; if violations occur in discovery, channels or message, content will be deleted and banned. In addition, users must also follow local laws. We reserve the right to monitor and report content to authorities, as permitted by applicable law.
By accessing or utilizing the Glow for livestreaming purposes, you acknowledge that you have not only read but also comprehended the terms contained within this Regulation. Furthermore, you are confirming your consent to adhere to these terms. Please be aware that this Regulation may include additional guidelines and potential updates in the future.
Eligibility and Content Restrictions
You are eligible to be a Livestreamer if you are eighteen (18) years old or older and reside in a jurisdiction where the use of the Software for livestreaming is allowed. Broadcasting Livestream Content by individuals under the age of eighteen (18) or in regions where such broadcasting is prohibited is considered unauthorized, unlicensed, and a violation of this Agreement.
You bear sole responsibility for your Livestream Content and the consequences of broadcasting it. You represent and warrant that:
* You are the creator and rightful owner of the Livestream Content, or you possess sufficient rights and authority to grant the rights specified in this Regulation;
* Your Livestream Content will not breach this Regulations or any community guidelines established by GLOW;
* Your Livestream Content will not infringe upon the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, rights to privacy, and more.
Your use of the Software for Livestreaming is intended for personal use, unless otherwise allowed by GLOW. You are prohibited from allowing others to use your GLOW account for providing Livestream Content. If GLOW has suspended, limited, or terminated your access to the Software, you are not allowed to create another GLOW account or request others to create one on your behalf.
Accordingly, following actions shall be deemed as in breach of Community Regulations:
You commit not to:
- Livestream or display nudity or intimate body parts.
- Use non-clothing items to cover your body.
- Broadcast without wearing underwear.
- Appear in revealing or lingerie-like attire.
- Wear swimsuits unless near pools or outdoor waters.
- Take baths or showers during the livestream.
- Engage in sexual actions, imitation, or sounds.
- Display or use sex toys.
- Remove clothing or undress.
- Advertise sexual activities.
- Use the tongue or non-food items in your mouth.
- Consume or display illicit substances.
- Share violent, harmful, or firearm-related content.
- Broadcast prerecorded content with the intent to deceive viewers.
- Defame, harass, blackmail, threaten, or attack others.
- Promote terrorism, extremism, or hate.
- Discriminate based on gender, religion, race, age, appearance, or orientation.
- Allow unsupervised underage participants.
General Guidelines
- Avoid altering or sharing others' images to shame or bully them.
- Do not record broadcasts for malicious purposes.
- Refrain from sharing personal information without consent.
- Abstain from using profanity or engaging in harassment.
- Do not commit physical violence or make threats.
- Avoid displaying child abuse, self-harm, or harm to others.
Profile Guidelines
The following actions are not tolerated:
- Impersonating others or using their content without permission.
- Sharing external links, personal contact information, or payment details.
- Advertising services or selling merchandise without authorization.
- Providing assistance in currency-related matters.
- Ensure that the moderation of broadcast stickers adheres to content rules.
Platform security
Pretending as Glow officials to fraud or mislead users including fake recharge and other aspects.
Illegally using Glow trademark or name to maliciously damage Glow brand image.
Transacting accounts, collecting data or other behaviors damaging Glow application and platform security.
Stealing user accounts for reasons including low prices or free recharge.
Violation of laws and regulations, encroach upon other persons' rights
Posting vulgar content containing obscenity/pornographic materials/procuring women/sex trade/scantily clad (except for artwork).
Posting about gambling or gambling tools transaction.
Posting or spreading about drug addiction and drug dealing.
Propagandizing heresy, extremism, terrorism, intimidation, threats, abetting crimes.
Posting content that challenges religion, national politics or insults leaders of any countries or organizations.
Posting any discriminatory speech about racial discrimination or gender discrimination, etc.
Insulting and abusing other users.
Posting other users' privacy information without permission.
Maliciously brushing likes/junk posts for self or others, or maliciously stealing others' posts.
Fraud or misleading other users maliciously.
Violent and bloody content
Showing off arms and ammunition, restricted knives or other violent equipment.
Spreading the content of bloody violence, such as killing, maiming, shooting or torturing people or animals.
Posting violent images or content which contains child abuse and self-mutilation.
Infringing upon intellectual
Post, share, or send any content that violates someone else’s copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.
Child safety infringement
Glow takes child safety with the utmost seriousness. If we become aware of content that sexually exploits, targets, or endangers children, we may report cases to law enforcement and cooperate with them, as appropriate.
Post any such content. Glow strictly prohibits any sexually explicit content featuring minors or content that sexually exploits minors.
Glow may remove or limit access to photos containing nudity, sexually suggestive acts, or unintentionally provocative content involving minors, as such photos could be used by others in unanticipated ways.
Post, share, or send any content about online dating with minors, compensated dating, invasion of a minor’s privacy, or other content that endangers minors’ physical and mental health.
Use public posts or private messages to harass underage users.
DO NOT use the app and Platform if you are under 18, or the minimum age for your country or region if designated differently.
Advertising other mobile applications.
Advertising prohibited items, such as protected wildlife and its products, ivory or tiger bones, etc.
Vulgar content and behavior that harm other user's experience.
Content and behavior which are illegal or violate the rights of others.
Contact Us
If you have any inquiries regarding this Livestreaming Policy Agreement or the Software, please reach out to us at: [email protected]
All rights are reserved by “ANTS LLC”

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